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Chapters will be published on Friday by now



The Japanese government has decided that the chapters will be published three day before their commercialization and not five days like before. They have estimate that three days was enough.

This is a message to all the naruto fandom.

I dont understand …its gonna come out twice a week?

Well… Since this post was out it has been said that it could just be temporary and that maybe it well come back to Wednesday. We have to wait and see if the government has actually changed the date of publication or not.

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Still not sure about it… 

This is the header of my future blog (kazeo) who well be dedicated to sasusaku and it’s fandom. You well find the basic stuff like a category especially made for all the hints and development/hypothesis we’ve seen or imagine in the manga/anime/fillers and anywhere else, fanfictions, graphics, debates and discussions and also a lot of kind of goodies for everyone. The blog well be in french, but I well try to write it in english too.



So I’m here to apologize all the SasuSaku shipper and the pairing itself, I didn’t want, in many ways, to disrespect you guys and I honestly regret wrote that text, I was just giving my opinion and I was a little selfish, like yeah SasuSaku isn’t crack, idk I just don’t like Sasuke and I don’t wanna my queen to get hurt because of him again and again, and so Naruto, sorry I feel bad now and next time I promise I will talk about pairings but in a respectful way… GOMEN 😔

Did I miss something ? O.o 

Well… it’s very respectful to you to apologize, people should take you in example (not only NSs but also SS or NH shippers too). 

We all have different opinions, that’s why we support different ships or characters and it’s totally normal. So you know… Even if you say that sasusaku is a crack ship but you keep it away from the sasusaku tag it’s totally okay. The most important is to respect the people.