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Prepare your most huggly gif !


Thanks to uchihagakure for this brilliant idea. 

Final thought on the Sasusaku fandom's reasoning ▷


This is my final critique on the sasusaku and the anti-narusaku fandom out there. Because all of a sudden lying to somebody is worse than multiple attempts at homicide right after the other. “Oh because theirs no trust in the that relationship” yes and there’s a fuck ton of trust where your…

Anonyme whispered: "Now HInata is kinda hevier than Sakura " This person was wrong... Hinata is lighter than Sakura (hinata= 45k and Sakura=45,4) so If you agree with this comment, you're also wrong...

You can’t denie the fact that Hinata has more forms than Sakura.”

Who talked about weight ? é.é If you had read correctly my post you would have understand that we where not talking about the weigh (as people taught) but the morphology -> the forms.

narusbooty whispered: I also think that if that girl isn't Sakura then it definitely is Kushina

I think to, but I wonder what well be her role in the movie. °u° 

Uchiha family

I read a lot of post about the names that could have Sasuke and Sakura’s children. A lot a fans agree that if they had a boy they should call him Itachi, but nobody still hasn’t find a name for a possible girl. Why not Mikoto ? The name of Sasuke’s mother. 

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